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We are proud to announce that Sandwich Garden Bangkok will continue with AMP Racing as our flagship Food and Beverage partner. If you have not been to Sandwich Garden before, 2022 is the year! Thanks again to Maarten and his team for their continued support.

Sandwich Garden features a wide range of healthy food, including Pizza, Pasta, Sandwiches, Salads and more. All of which are amazing dishes that are great for a healthy lifestyle.

เราภูมิใจที่จะประกาศว่า Sandwich Garden BKK ยังคงอยู่กับ Axel Pedersen และ AMP Racing ต่อไป ในฐานะผู้สนับสนุนหลักด้านอาหารและเครื่องดื่มของเรา

Order now here

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At the final round 4 of BRIC Superbikes 2021, 2 races were held. Axel, finished best of the rest in both races. Down on power, and with strong wind, Axel struggled to fight for the podium. The races went well considering, with Axel making some daring late braking overtakes to finish the championship on a high, with excitement raging for next year. 2022 is set to be a defining year in Axel’s career, with new bike upgrades, he hopes to be fighting for wins on a regular basis.

Axel and AMP Racing would like to thank their sponsors during a successful year:

Sandwich Garden Bang Na

TJ Corse

Shark Energy Drink

Bangkok Riders

ZCOO brake pads

SPRS Leather Suit

West Performance


Amsoil Thailand

Mobius Kawasaki

Dynavolt Thailand

Ben Reid

Luke Koenitz

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