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AMP Racing 13/09/2023

SHOPOLOGY and AMP Racing Announce Racing Support for BRIC Superbike Series in Thailand

Shopology Pte Ltd will sponsor Axel Pedersen and AMP Racing for the final round of BRIC with the potential for further support in 2024.

“Shoppers & consumers in Thailand are exposed to one of the most dynamic retail landscapes in the world. Our passion to help consumer brands both local and international, collaborate with retailers here in Thailand has always been a focus for us. Our insights have and will continue to help consumer brands deliver on shopper & consumer expectations. Many of these brands are prolific in the motorsport industry, so it is a great fit! This, combined with our deep passion for motorsport in Thailand, we hope can add value to both the retail and motorsport communities,” said CEO Damien Koenitz.

About Shopology Pte Ltd

Shopology helps CPG companies to track, analyze & predict both in-store & online shopper behavior. A shopper analytics platform company that transforms the way Shopper Marketing ROI is measured.

As the companies learn more about their shoppers, they can build a complete view of shopper expectation. In our view, omni channel retail is powerful, especially in South East Asia.

Hence, retail and shopper behavior data provides critical insight to brands and retailers to drive business growth. While timing can make the difference between catching and solving an issue or maximizing an opportunity. Our data can be accessed in real time, the way it should be in this era of digitalization.

About AMP Racing

Axel started racing in 2020 and has multiple podium finishes to his name. He currently competes in the 400cc Sport Production class on a Kawasaki Ninja 400 in the BRIC Superbikes series, Thailand’s premier motorcycle racing competition.

Axel also competed in MotoAmerica, the American championship in 2021 and managed to score points on his debut weekend.

Axel’s goal for 2023 is to fight for the championship in the 400cc sport production class where he is currently sitting 2nd overall. The goal for the future is to continue racing internationally in the FIM Asia Road Racing Championship, BRIC Superbike Championships and hopefully the Supersport 300 World Championship in Europe.

Media Contact:

AMP Racing Tania Donoghue - Public Relations +66 (0) 82 574 1110

Media Contact: Shopology – Damien Koenitz +66 (0) 83 135 5778

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Firstly I must congratulate Atith Kunghae for his amazing performance and the new race lap record. I had to give it my all for any chance at the race win, so at turn 3 on lap 1 I absolutely sent it on the brakes and made a pass for the lead. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough and through the second part of the lap I lost a bit of time to the leader. I knew at that point that my best possible result with my pace would be 2nd, so I just rode my race and managed the gap to the chasing pack behind me. In the end it’s good points for the championship, with me now trailing by 1 point. It’s still all to play for in the final round of the year, which has 50 points up for grabs. I’d like to once again thank my team, Valvoline Global Operations, Jack, K. Choke, K. Group, Luke, and the rest of the crew for their amazing support this weekend. I would also like to thank my parents for their prolonged support of my racing dreams. I’ll be back and hopefully 1 step higher on the podium. #AP66

Thank you to my sponsors:

HJC Helmets Dynavolt Motorbike Thailand BKmoto racingpart SC Titanium GPracing Bridgestone Moto Thailand Kawasaki Mobius Motorbike Kamixshop หมวกกันน็อค HJC Helmet Thailand SPRS Racing Sports 速比爾 SMS Sakol Motorsport Bangkok Riders Like A Bike Shop D.I.D Motorcycle Chain Favorite Factory -フェイバリット ファクトリー #RichardWest #insta360 #wwltd

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Starting from P3 in a mixed-class grid Axel did great sticking with the two front guys.

Axel was gaining in the final laps and moved into 2nd place as one of the competitors had mechanical issues. He went on to finish 1st place in the SP 400 class. A totally awesome result that puts Axel into first position for the overall championship.

His teammate K Guy Theetawat Kunphoo also won his race in the SS1 400 & SS Pro 400 class making it a clean sweep for Valvoline Global Operations SMS Racing Team.

“Huge thanks to my mum and especially Luke Koenitz who ran around the circuit and also most of Buriram for replacement parts.” said Axel.

Sincere appreciation and thanks to our mechanics K. Choke, K. Group, K. Boy คณิต สุทธิธน, K. Liew. Even bigger thanks to Jack Suttichai Chairatanangamdaj for creating an amazing team with a fun and hard-working bunch of people. Thanks to Trent Pedersen who couldn’t be there but was at the end of a phone line when needed. Thank you to K. Guy SKY TK95 for your support, coaching and friendship.

And finally thanks to all our supporters, followers and sponsors.

Valvoline Global Operations

SPRS Racing Sports 速比爾

Favorite Factory -フェイバリット ファクトリー

D.I.D Motorcycle Chain

Dynavolt Motorbike Thailand

BKmoto racingpart

Bridgestone Moto Thailand

Kamixshop หมวกกันน็อค

HJC Helmet Thailand

HJC Helmets

SMS Sakol Motorsport

Bangkok Riders

Kawasaki Mobius Motorbike

Like A Bike Shop






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