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Axel finishes 2nd place in the 2023 BRIC Superbike championships

Well, where to start? It’s been a great season of ups and downs, with highlights such as my first win, my first pole, a new PB lap time and my first time leading the championship. I believe I have made a huge step forward and know I can go even faster. Finishing P2 in the standings was a hard pill to swallow for myself as this year I built a mindset with lots of self-belief. This worked well, allowing me to ride fast and mature in the races and qualifying sessions. This year I also focused on riding alone, which boosted my confidence in my own ability. On the other hand, I shot myself in the foot, as although I had the speed going into the first of the final 2 races, I became frustrated when the bike did not react as expected with increased track temperature during the race. It really was painful to not be able to fight for the championship on track, but that’s racing. We made a bet with the setup which worked very well for the qualifying session, but unfortunately during the race did not due to extreme track temperatures. Also, as good as a pole position is, it came with a lot of extra pressure which I had not yet experienced, which led to a few questionable decisions that sent me from P1 to P5 in 3 corners…

Live and learn.

I’d like to thank a few people that really helped this year:

Jack, Always a great team boss. Thank you for allowing me to be apart of your team for a second year.

Luke, Thank you for coming to each race this year, I believe we have made a good step together with collection of feedback and setup adjustments, I look forward to continuing working together next year.

Richard, Thank you for your 4 years of help and support. I enjoyed spending time with you over the weekend and I hope we can go racing next year together as well.

Choke, Group, Boy, Liew and all the boys in the team, Thank you for all your help, building the bike, and maintaining it throughout the whole year.

My teammate, Khun Gai, Thank you for your advice and help throughout the year.

My parents, Thank you so much for allowing me to continue to pursue my dream, I am forever grateful.

We’ll be back next year. #AP66

Thanks to my Sponsors, supports and @followers

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