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P1 400 SP @ Round 2 of BRIC Superbike Championships Thailand.

Starting from P3 in a mixed-class grid Axel did great sticking with the two front guys.

Axel was gaining in the final laps and moved into 2nd place as one of the competitors had mechanical issues. He went on to finish 1st place in the SP 400 class. A totally awesome result that puts Axel into first position for the overall championship.

His teammate K Guy Theetawat Kunphoo also won his race in the SS1 400 & SS Pro 400 class making it a clean sweep for Valvoline Global Operations SMS Racing Team.

“Huge thanks to my mum and especially Luke Koenitz who ran around the circuit and also most of Buriram for replacement parts.” said Axel.

Sincere appreciation and thanks to our mechanics K. Choke, K. Group, K. Boy คณิต สุทธิธน, K. Liew. Even bigger thanks to Jack Suttichai Chairatanangamdaj for creating an amazing team with a fun and hard-working bunch of people. Thanks to Trent Pedersen who couldn’t be there but was at the end of a phone line when needed. Thank you to K. Guy SKY TK95 for your support, coaching and friendship.

And finally thanks to all our supporters, followers and sponsors.

Valvoline Global Operations

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