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BRIC Round 3, P2

Firstly I must congratulate Atith Kunghae for his amazing performance and the new race lap record. I had to give it my all for any chance at the race win, so at turn 3 on lap 1 I absolutely sent it on the brakes and made a pass for the lead. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough and through the second part of the lap I lost a bit of time to the leader. I knew at that point that my best possible result with my pace would be 2nd, so I just rode my race and managed the gap to the chasing pack behind me. In the end it’s good points for the championship, with me now trailing by 1 point. It’s still all to play for in the final round of the year, which has 50 points up for grabs. I’d like to once again thank my team, Valvoline Global Operations, Jack, K. Choke, K. Group, Luke, and the rest of the crew for their amazing support this weekend. I would also like to thank my parents for their prolonged support of my racing dreams. I’ll be back and hopefully 1 step higher on the podium. #AP66

Thank you to my sponsors:

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