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Epic fight in wet conditions ends with a Highside for Axel

Axel struggled during qualifying during a weekend which was plagued by wet weather and delays. Axel, starting from 12th on the grid decided that he needed to go for it in the race. As it got closer to the race start time, it became obvious that the rain wasn't going to let up. At the start of the race, Axel had lots wheelspin, as well as a wheelie. This put him in almost dead last before the first corner. Under brakes he took 3 positions and that set the tone for the rest of the race, fighting from about 15th to 4th in just 4 laps. During these laps, another rider was fighting through the pack and was battling Axel on the last lap. The other rider made a pass on Axel, but ran wide. Axel followed him through turns 5 and 6, but at turn 7, his race took a turn for the worst.

Now the championship is all to play for. Axel is hoping to secure 3rd in the championship, but knows he can fight for wins at round 4 & 5 with the return of Ben Reid.

Thanks again to all the sponsors and supporters of AMP Racing, we can't do this without them so a massive thank you:


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