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Podium at BRIC round 3

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Race, P3! First podium for Valvoline and only 0.7 from the lead 😁 We’ll get them next time!

Thank you so much to my team SMS Sakol Motorsport and team manager Jack. Also a big thank you to my mechanics Khun Nui, and Khun Choke. A big thank you to my family, Richard West and Luke Koenitz for your support and help this weekend. Race recap and highlights coming soon. #AP66

A big thank you to my sponsors as this podium would not be possible without them:


ZCOO Brake Pads-台灣總代理

Kawasaki Mobius Motorbike

Red Bull SPECT Thailand

Sandwichgarden.bkk Dinner Lunch Pasta Pizza Salad

SPRS Thailand

Dynavolt Motorbike Thailand

Bridgestone Moto Thailand

Bangkok Riders

TJ Corse Thailand

D.I.D Motorcycle Chain

Like A Bike Shop

SPRS Racing Sports 速比爾


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