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Successful weekend of training as Axel breaks Kaeng Krachan circuit 250cc lap record

Over the weekend Axel and crew attended the Track Time Thailand event located at Kaeng Krachan Circuit. The circuit is located 3 hours away from Bangkok and is 2.9km long. The 24 turn track was constructed in 2009 and is the second longest track in Thailand. Axel, in preparation for the upcoming final round of BRIC Superbike, decided to use his 250cc bike to ensure the normal 400cc bike would be ready for racing. The goal for the weekend was to have fun and help out wherever possible with the Track Time Thailand organisation. Axel ended up with a lap time of 1:35.4, which for a 250cc bike, no faster time is known. Captured by onboard camera, Kazuo Tsukamoto edited a clip for Axel.

Now on the way to Buriram, Axel aims big for the final round of the Thai championship.

Stay tuned.

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